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We’re Revolutionizing Real Estate with NorthGroup Connect

Welcome to the new world of combined real estate and mortgage lending, where you are NextGen! This forward thinking initiative not only streamlines the homebuying process but also anticipates and addresses potential changes in the real estate landscape.


What is NorthGroup Mortgage Connect?

In partnership with Rapid Mortgage, we’re excited to offer real estate agents in our local markets the opportunity to expand their client services through connected mortgage support services. Here’s how it works.

NorthGroup-Site-Icons_Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

NorthGroup Connect professionals will have a comprehensive understanding of both real estate and financing aspects of a transaction. This in-depth knowledge empowers them to provide slides with nuanced advice, answer questions with authority, and offer tailored solutions with align with the client’s goals.

NorthGroup-Site-Icons_Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support Team

To enhance the NorthGroup Connect capabilities, a dedicated team will be provided to assist with all transactions. This support ensures that you can efficiently manage both real estate and financing responsibilities, providing clients with a comprehensive and well-supported experience.

NorthGroup-Site-Icons_Efficiency and Collaboration

Efficiency and Collaboration

With a NorthGroup Connect professional overseeing both the real estate and financing components, there is a dramatic improvement in efficiency and communication. This leads to a more streamlined process, minimizing potential bottlenecks and expediting the journey from property search to closing.

NorthGroup-Site-Icons_Increased income Potential

Increased Income Potential

Being a part of NorthGroup Connect allows real estate professionals to unlock a new income stream while facing the potential of major changes and/or reductions in traditional commissions. This financial incentive not only rewards your dual expertise but encourages a holistic and client-centric approach to the traditional real estate transaction.

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